Thursday, October 11, 2012

Women and Sexuality

Nothing is more attractive than a woman with an "it" factor.

At first I said I couldn't give her what she wanted. Now she has all that and more.

I always saw Halle Berry and Beyonce as pretty women who weren't all that attractive. But that changed when Beyonce became a woman. I can't give specifics, but you could just see it. She started glowing of herself. I get the impression she found a lot of herself when she fell in love. I get the impression it's the same for Sean Carter.

Mila is a pretty girl. And she seems like she would be mad cool just to hang out with. But I just don't see Sexiest Woman Alive.

Some men do appreciate a woman's naked body for more reasons than sex. Really.

One of the more interesting things a woman has told me is that I have an "honest face." I felt neither good or bad about it. But it took her two words to succinctly explain a very human and very amorphous concept. It was smart. It was simple. All in common language. It was poetic or something. It made her interesting for reasons I would have never thought of otherwise, made way for a whole lot of other possibilities in the things I could see in or imagine of her person, her id.

I was blessed with looks. Being corny can feel free in some ways. Sometimes, when you can be comfortable with not being perfect or living up to others' expectations all the time, you get a better feeling for why they are there in the first place. It doesn't mean you act that way on purpose. Just that you don't feel the need to dwell over or feel self conscious about the odd social miscue or "unmanly" action.

I mean, a threesome would be cool. It just sounds like a lot of work.

Steven Tyler once said even bad sex is good. After a while, I'm still not sure whether I agree. But I know that good sex is so much better.

The whole unsure about your sexual identity thing is hard for me to understand. When homosexuality was explained to me in elementary school, it only took a couple seconds for me to know I wasn't it.

I still don't understand how you can be born 100% one sex, but are so convinced you were meant to be another that you physically change it through surgery. But, as long as the person inside shines through, I'm cool with it. I don't have to understand to be comfortable.

Man there is something about Rhianna, Sanaa, and Scarlett. God bless them for whatever it is.

I've yet to find a women who can successfully explain to me what her orgasm feels like. For a guy who appreciates how words and music can capture feelings other mediums can't, it would just be interesting.

I had always been friends first with the women I dated for any length of time. The rest just happened.