Tuesday, October 23, 2012

In All Honesty

There's this thing, I don't know if it's a trend, for just kind of deciding what you think of someone and doing your best to fit everything else around that opinion. What actually is, or clarifying what we don't know, takes a back seat to ego.

I just don't have much respect for that. None, really.

Sometimes the ego is there for a reason. For some, their careers don't exist without it. And I'm patient enough to give the benefit of the doubt and see things through.

But, otherwise, it's the one thing I'm quick to call out. A judger of the over-judgmental if you will. Hypocritical? Perhaps. But you can trust I won't depend on falsities and arms-length uncertainties to make my case.

I guess it's because I'm actually interested in people too. The veil doesn't matter to me much. I haven't built an ego on false claims or expectations to protect, so there's little risk in being wrong. Correction is a learning experience, not another strike or something I find fault in.

Just be true, be right. I throw nonsense right back at wherever it came from. And I'm quick on the draw when I do.

If you don't know, just ask. Or find out. It can make a world of difference. Current knowledge can push aside any false assumptions you feel the need, or urge, to protect.