Monday, October 8, 2012

Well Off Either Way

I can't remember a time I envied another man. But, overtime I have become annoyed with men who insist I should want something just because it's widely desired. A luxury car is all fine and well. But unless I can afford it after maintenance, insurance, a mostly paid off home, little to no debt, daily expenses covered, great health, quality living, social life, extra cushion in case I am no longer working in the future, affordable education, and all the other little things I forgot to mention - and all of this with plenty room to spare - then that fancy car feels like nothing more than a hefty burden. If I were rich man, I could take or leave it either way.

I will never knock the next man. If he's happier having that when he's next to me, he makes for better company. But I can't pretend I want or don't want something based upon what the rest of the world is doing. It would be lying to myself for the sake of show. Another weight. I cherish freedom more than anything. And placing myself under financial duress for the privalege of being locked into other people's fantasies and expectations does not feel free.