Monday, October 22, 2012

Just Because

Aside from books assigned to me in school, the last fiction book I remember reading was third and final novel of the Bourne Trilogy. Yes, of Jason Bourne fame, the book series was turned into the movie franchise starring Matt Dillon. I was in my early teens.

I moved on to biographies for a couple years, then started reading all kinds of non-fiction stuff.  Never went back to novels. Not one. I do read short stories though.

I tried to pick up a novel at the library a few weeks ago. It was a best seller about successful, married suburban scientist who had relationships outside of his marriage. I was bored by page two. Couldn't get past the writing.

But I can spend hours reading about the banalities of economics, home improvement, music, a corner or perspective of the town or state I'm in, etiquette, history, a country that interests me but that I might never visit. A lot of it is extentions of stuff I do in the real world or see on TV, hear in the radio etc. Maybe related to articles I write. If you asked me to pin it down I'd say it would be confirming, disconfirming, and exploring random curiosities I'm exposed to on a day-to-day basis.

But i know it's broader than that. I don't know why things interest me and I have never tried to analyze it much. If I know it interests me, and gives me satisfaction, I just go for it. I don't seek for a reason to justify my actions. I just know I enjoy it. And I leave it at that. Why do I need more? I just let whim lead me.

I've always been that way.

And it's always been with more than books. I've been that way with women, walking through cities at random, foods, whatever.There's a freedom in it. It's like Pharrell Williams once said about fashion. Something along the lines of "I just wear what I like." Can't remember the exact quote.

I do like movies though. Drama, comedy, science whatever. I don't know why. And the only reason I'd try to analyze it is for the sake of someone else. Either that, or I'm writing just to write.

Just because.