Friday, October 26, 2012

When Hate + Respect = Love

I think the people that amaze me most are the ones I don't think I may like much, but still get my respect. I remember that teacher from middle school who was direct, and who some other kids considered harsh. But to me she had purpose. She was never abusive, never about blind control.

She listened when it mattered, was flexible, but mostly focused on doing the job right. And if you took her aside and asked, she would explain things to you. I'm not sure if the kids ever saw behind her no-nonsense responses. She ended up being one of my favorite teachers. She cared about what she was doing and the kids she was doing it for, first and foremost. She never really made it about her.

There's this politician I like that everyone else I know seems to hate (not running for president). I don't agree with a lot of his ideology. But he addresses the issues and speaks clearly behind them. And he has admitted to fault and, much more importantly, committed to fixing his errors when he has instead of just talking about them. I feel like if I were sitting across the table from him we could disagree all day and still get things done (that is, if I were a politician. never will be).

I dunno where it came from. But it's those kind of people that have something I can't put my finger on.