Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Everyone's An Einstein

I do my best to not assume that the way I succeed or fail dictates what another should do. Different strokes, different folks. Maybe they are in fact related. But I'll work to find out. Real, unadulterated self-motivation can close lots of gaps, real or imagined. 

In my mind, the majority of men and women I meet are as capable as Einstein. They just have to care enough about what they are doing to be committed, believe in themselves enough not to be thwarted by the doubts of those that know little of them, and have a bit of common sense.

When people spend time telling others why they are not ready or capable, but have not really, themselves, taken the time to learn what motivates that person, or all they are made of, they are basically working off of empty assumptions. That those assumptions may be backed by crimson red , Yale blue, or Nobel gold neither adds to or subtracts from their validity of their own merit.

Everyone's an Einstein in my world. And it's a big, big universe. Let's have a little humanity and make the most of both. Shrinking either to fit reason driven by ego can be called a lot of things, selfish and lazy to start with. But it can never be called productive or understanding.

I'll follow the leader that goes by the latter two.