Saturday, October 20, 2012

When Wrong Leads Right

This project will eventually come together.

At first I started to doubt myself, because I kept finding things wrong with it. But of course the more you find wrong, the more you find to correct, and you fill in the holes where you can, so long as you are willing to put in the effort.  It brings things back closer to even keel.

So I keep doubting myself. But I think things will be better, more substantive because of it. Part of it is just that it's a bigger ordeal than I originally thought. It will take more work. But, hopefully, the output will reflect the work required, in a good way.

I think what I was missing was context. Criticizing without fully practicing what I preached and going straight to the source.

So I started reaching out to the people mentioned in the article. Direct response is can give you a feel for people's thoughts, motivations, emotions, overarching viewpoints, everything that isn't a visible signifier to be interpreted from arm's length.

That could be anywhere from a handful to a few dozen people. I think I'll start be seeing where the first five take me.

So I hope it will help. I think it will. Thoroughness and integrity are important. Always have been. But moreso now.