Friday, October 26, 2012

Spread Knowledge

I learned so much in the past couple months, from only a handful of people who know more than I ever will learn in a lifetime. I hope there's questions. There are more than enough experts to refer people to. A whole lot of knowledge I just didn't expect to get.

I'll be very willing to pass on the curious who want to know more to people more knowledegable. And I hope it does not come across as pointing fingers. To find something that can be bettered or explored  when an issue is systemic, not due to a particular person or group, feels so much less personal, less so the burden of a person, and much more so..... Individually Available? A Choice? Collaborative? Empowering? Possible? Contextual?

I dunno.

Whatever it is, I'm hoping it's less abrasive. Hoping knowledge and direction can be productive. Less angry. I really like the possibilities. Potential effort or exploration and the intent behind them is just as important as the results, if not more so.

I am an overoptimistic nerd for real, lol.