Friday, April 9, 2010

Whole In One

Reading Glenn O'Brien's "Bane In Vain is Mainly on The Wane" and the "Facts Of Life," a book excerpt republished in this month's issue of The Sun (in print only), felt like looking in the mirror.  That the world's people are uniform in their variety and impermanence is as clear as water, a principle I live by and depend on.  Translating disjointed and self-contained subcultures into a single, flowing id is a personal choice.  One needs to at least in part decide who they are instead of being dependent on others to define their world for them, and never become attached to the idea that either will remain permanent.  Once person, personality, and exchanges precede the barriers that previously defined them, the individual is free to soak in the greater context - true, unadulterated, and equally familiar in all its distant parts.

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