Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Good Morning DC

A night out in DC with friends, family, and more go-go than I could stand was well worth the trip.  The morning after was even better.  Early, post-party, weekend morning strolls are routine in whatever major city I'm in, whether I got in at 11 last night or 6 AM.  DC is my favorite morning city of them all. Enough of the city sleeps to make it feel serene.  Enough of it functions to make it feel accessible and accommodating.  For a couple hours I get lost in the illusion of owning my domain, with nothing more to do than be in the moment. The multinational entourage of government officials retire to Virginia or wherever they flew in from.  They leave the parks, plazas, and coffee shops to a public in no rush to beat the crowd or time.  I take full advantage while the city is still mine.