Saturday, September 29, 2012

See and Summate

Social Media: Twitter is high maintenance. Facebook really isn't that private, and is addictive enough to trade the internet for your life. Old school blogs run at just my pace.

Bad Habits: The 36th Amendment (see previous post) is becoming ridiculously habitual. I'm done for now. It's just too entertaining not to mention.

Style Is Preparation: She stopped berating me some time ago. She just sighs and say I can dress up, but usually just don't without a reason. But she knows I can when I need to, so she'll settle. I'm realizing, for me, style is mostly about preparation. The clothes have been in the closet for years. They just take effort in advance.

Somewhere In The Middle: I'm too old for The Fader. But I love it more than any other. Maybe they and AARP will join forces one day. I'm buying whatever they sell.