Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Subtly Ridiculous Job Ad Of The Month

Occasionally, I come across job descriptions that make me go "huh?"  Pointing out double standards probably won't do much for my career.  But I couldn't help myself.

This particular job practically lists three different positions in one and requires a myriad of "expert level" soft and hard skills obtained in as little as three years.  It's a serious job for a seriously talented, disciplined, and motivated candidate.  Apparently, anyone hired should forget that the moment they enter the lobby.
Job Ad Excerpt: "Above all, no candidate should take life, the details of a job description, or him/herself too seriously."
Translation: "We plan to milk you for all you are worth, soul included. Although our job requirements hint at sky-high standards, you'd be a fool to try to hold us as accountable as we will you.  Forget that anyone who is serious enough to take on this kind of responsibility would comb through the job description to see if it meets what they are looking for.  Don't even expect to do the job you applied for. And stop taking your life and career so seriously.  You can be sure we never will. Slavery is progress. We are your father. "
Notice the "above all," as if succumbing in full were more important than the actual job or "life" itself. The ad neglected to mention candidates should not take the company seriously either.