Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"A Good Woman" - A Lesson In True Lies

Worn and restless after a night of shouting through NCAA tourney games, I channel-surfed for something punchy enough to hold my attention and long enough to lull me to sleep.  I eventually came across A Good Woman.  The frilly 1930s Euro-American romantic wasn't an immediate first choice, but it met the requirements:  Scarlett Johnansson provides enough punch wherever, however, in whatever.  And at worst, lengthy old-English discourse is as good as a pillow and some Compoz.

I watched. I laughed. I made it through the whole thing.  The inter-generational exchanges between men regarding the opposite sex drew some gems:
On Infidelity:  "I find the best way to keep my word is never to give it."

Marriage:  "You know why they call it the alter Tommy?  Because it's where they make human sacrifices."

Listening: "9 times out of 10 men don't give two pence about why.  They just feel obliged to seem so."

The "One": "Devilish women are a bother.  The good ones are a bore.  That's the only difference."
 Words to live by.  And to be used sparingly.