Wednesday, February 3, 2010

When Man Was Man Again

Once upon a time Man ruled his land.  Fashion, Home, & Personal Care Inc. saturated Woman's market and sought Man for quarterly earnings.  They promoted Modern Man 2.0 - sensitive, stylish, more worldly, improved.  Man resisted, buckled, and began to look, act, and feel like Woman.  Hell broke loose.  Woman pulled Man out of the fire, scrubbed to a metrosexual shine, and owned what was left of Man's charred soul. Man smiled on the outside but mourned his Manhood.  He cried inside. Clouds formed.  Storms brewed.  The Dark Ages began. 

A few brave men emerged from the thicket and gathered.  They called out to the others, reminding them that a periodical boys night out of drink and debauchery, self-direction, and time to one's self are what maintain Man's sanity and dignity.  Man drank, scavenged towns, fixed cars, played poker, did manly things again, and spent less and less time on the heels Woman.  Woman beckoned Man back to shopping malls, fancy dinner parties, unhealthy amounts of "attention," and life according to Woman. But Man had shaken Woman's spell.  Woman scolded, threatened cold beds.  Man reminded Woman her sheets hid not gold nor silver.  Battle ensued. The Great War began.  

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