Sunday, February 7, 2010

Learn and Live

It's easy to mistake perception for reality, due more to apathy and assimilation than anything.  We find comfort in familiarity or lack of effort, dismiss the rest, and inherent partial truths as gospel.  Part of the cure is exploring the unfamiliar. Ask questions.  Do things.  Go places. Read. Interact with people.  Get some real world education on the things you are so for, against, indifferent or ignorant of.  It can be tough at first, but exposure to the unknown eventually become a joy and addiction that betters you as a person.  You learn to listen first, think second, and give opinions that are more thoughtful, informed, culturally relevant, substantive, insightful, and independent.  You stop thinking in black and white and learn appreciate the world for its true colors. Knowledge begets wisdom.  Barriers become illusions.  And each day looks better than the last.

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