Thursday, January 28, 2010

"They Will Be What They See"

I'm proud of the last two pieces I penned for the lastest issue of Black MBA magazine.  They aren't literary masterpieces, but can easily be put to good use. Hopefully others will learn as much from reading as I did writing them. One quote (of many) that stuck: "They are inundated with this spirit of people that believe in them. When they take that and internalize that, they start to believe in themselves, and then everything changes."
Dwayne Bourgeois, Trevor Jaha, Kamau Patau, and David Banks share what they've learned about improving male-to-male relationships for the greater good.  Staff, students, and volunteers at programs like Leaders of Tomorrow, Allan Houston Foundation, the NYC Academy of History and Citizenship for Young Men, and the Eagle Acadamy all say it starts close to home.

Your Personal Board
What expertise, diversity of thought, and objective input from a close circle of advisors did more for Randall Pinkett's career in life outside of The Apprentice.  Read, learn, and take notes.