Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Other Way Around

I don't come from the consulting world. But having moved from corporate to non-profit, I can attest to everything in this article.

“The approach to problem solving, and general project management in the non-profit world and for-profit world are similar,” says Ms Cunningham. “But the negotiation skills, listening, empathy and the client collaboration are quite different. [With non-profits] you need to understand the clients’ culture, to understand their personal agenda and to appreciate the constraints the clients are operating under.”

Perhaps the biggest difference is that the for-profit realm has the luxury of thinking about long-term results, while many non-profits operate with depleted resources and must focus on the short-term impact out of necessity.

For years, the corporate sector has lent its practices and expertise to the non-profit sector, but there is an increasing awareness of what the non-profit world can teach its for-profit counterpart... The ability to fundraise and operate on a tight budget – two attributes of non-profits, are particularly relevant in a down economy.