Monday, November 16, 2009

The New Men's Magazine

The alternative men's magazine market has always seemed a fickle one. In years past most hung in the shadows of the big G & E before passing into obscurity . But a handful of books have sprung from the ashes of popular second tier titles like Men's Vogue and King, providing less frequent, more focused content to smaller, enthusiastic audiences - communities that embrace the brand and the intent behind it. That approach, it seems, are where leaders of the new generation of men's mags are finding the most success.

Fantastic Man: A pair of editorial veterans produce a serious style mag for the 30-something year-old who believes a man's wardrobe is built character first. [Interview]

Jacques: Danielle Luft's unadulterated take on culture, society, and American curves - minus the metorsexual shopping catalogues. [The Malcom]

Krave: Jet-sized service mag brings fashion, grooming, health, and lifestyle tidbits to the multicultural male. [Clutch, Monarch]

Manzine: A black and white collection of essay-style articles that lives in the real world and refuses to take itself too seriously. [Mag Culture, Post Advertising]

Paradis: For the middle-aged arts & culture buff whose personal sexy has matured into something more meaningful. [The Fashion Spot]

The Rake: Christian Barker's bling-lite take on timeless style and "real" luxury tastes like old money shaken, not stirred. [Men's Flair, A Continuous Lean, Permanent Style]